Highly mobile banners allow advertising at many locations

From decorative designs to advertising promotions, ADI Yakima produces banners for many applications:

Announcing a new business location
Backdrop for business presentations
Retail displays
Exhibits and trade shows
Sporting event and special occasion signage
High resolution image quality is ensured in both interior and exterior applications. Flexible materials allow for hanging or draping from ceilings or roofs, around a display, against a wall, on the side of a table or between poles.

Banners offer high durability as are made of vinyl, mesh or canvas. The materials allow repeated usage of the banner, allowing cost savings over time. Banners can be rolled up at the end of each event and stored in a tube for the next use, saving storage space as well.

Building Wraps

The use of large printed banners to completely cover the side, or multiple sides, of a building can bring maximum impact to your advertising message. Custom designed building wraps are the ultimate in "catch your eye" advertising for high traffic locations.

Advantages of Banners

  • Can be shipped economically
  • Promotion at big shows can be organized without a lot of transport hassles, as banners are portable and can be easily rolled up and stored
  • Can be affixed or tied down almost anywhere
  • Offer cost effective temporary promotions
  • Durable in outdoor and interior applications
  • Can have advertising printed on both sides for maximum effectiveness
  • Low and high resolution images are possible

Considering a banner for your next marketing campaign or to announce an important event? Contact ADI Yakima for more information about how we can ensure your banner has the highest possible impact.