Sign Graphics For Businesses in Yakima, WA

Sign Graphics For Businesses in Yakima, WA

We customize the graphics to fit your preferences

A sign for every purpose!

With all the signage options available in today's marketplace, even the most experienced business person needs to seek professional advice when making decisions on an investment in signage. Signs serve as a landmark, tell people where they're going and what's ahead, identify a building or company - and tell you where to find what you need.

With years of experience and thousands of signs in our portfolio, the professionals at Advanced Digital Imaging Yakima can assist you in determining the best signage solution for your business. Effective signage will help:

  • Get your message across
  • Put you in a class above your competitors
  • Create top-of-the-mind public awareness
  • Provide good branding opportunities
  • Grab the attention of passers-by, enabling a quick launch of a marketing campaign or new location
  • Enable you to take advantage of a high traffic flow by turning your building into ad space

Each sign produced by ADI Yakima is custom designed to meet the customer's needs. We look at the location of your building, traffic patterns, visibility and budget to determine the type of signage that will provide maximum return on investment.

Signage options

  • Monument
  • Vinyl, Clear, Opaque, White
  • Lighted - front or back
  • Translucent
  • Reflective
  • Banners
  • Flex Face
  • A-Board
  • Billboards
  • Carved wood signs
  • Metal signs

A Low-cost signage option: A-Board signs

A-Board signs offer a portable curbside solution to the challenge of catching the eye of sidewalk traffic. They are low cost, capture the market's atmosphere, have high visibility, and can be temporary or permanent in nature. Both sides of the sign can be utilized to get your marketing message across.

Whatever your signage needs, contact ADI Yakima to find out how we can custom design an eye-popping sign for you - one that will be a conversation starter. "Did you see ...?"

Sign Faces

A sign face is the illustrated transparent plastic "face" that fits into a lighted sign cabinet. The face can be backlit or front-lit for visibility at night. Sign faces can be installed into an existing sign cabinet and offer an attractive, affordable alternative to the traditional hard plastic front or back-lit sign. Flex Face signs can be created in much larger sizes than traditional hard plastic signage.

Because the advertising is printed on one side of a single sheet of flexible vinyl, this media allows ease in servicing and can easily be removed to change light bulbs in a back-lit sign.

Advantages of Flex Face Signs

  • Easy to remove - allowing easy changing of light bulbs
  • Available in larger sizes than hard plastic signage
  • Flex faces light up better than hard plastic signs
  • Affordable option for permanent signage and billboards
  • Able to reproduce quality images on the flexible surface - from low resolution to high resolution
  • Back-lit signs offer higher visibility at night